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Often described as “timeless”,“inspiring”, “emotional”, "unforgettable", and even “down right hilarious”, Corey's images bring life to your memories. Some people are fortunate to be able to do what they love, and after hundreds of weddings, she still loves every bit of it! Her clients feel so connected to her work and their overall experience with her, that the wedding is often just the beginning. Through all of life’s events, her clients are thrilled to work with her again and again. With features in publications such as The Bride's Book, Sophie Magazine's I Do!, The Knot NC, WNC Magazine, Weddings Unveiled blog, Borrowed & Blue blog, Live It Loud, and more, her work has won several awards and accolades. She is a true professional; invested in her craft, and constantly discovering, and inventing new and dramatic ways to tell your story.

It’s important to realize, especially for weddings, that the photographer you choose will be with you all day! Ideally, you should feel comfortable, at ease, encouraged and inspired by the professional you choose to work with. You and Corey will be getting to know one another as you plan and discuss the details of your event, but here are some things you might like to know about her:

From Corey Cagle ~

I love to see other people happy and I am a sucker for a love story. 

I love the crazy things people do. You can't pay for comedy like that!

Confession...I take selfies. A lot! They are my memories with my friends, my family, my clients, etc.: happy, sad, mad, silly, whatever! Photos are simple reminders that make my heart happy.  

My favorites: Skydiving, white chocolate truffles, music of all kinds, yes..the gym (it's my me time), Pittsburgh Steelers, exploring new places, seeing the stars from the top of the mountain on a crisp clear summer night, crying over romantic comedies, dancing, playing in the rain, listening to the water play over the rocks in a country stream, helping others succeed, seeing the Cirque Du Soleil, sunshine, friends, laughter, and most importantly living life.

Education: I have two degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering and one Mechatronics Engineering. And yes I will brag about my 3.86 GPA because I worked hard for it!!!!!

Why wedding photography? I love the excitement, the love that fills the room, the tears that well up in dad’s eyes as he is walking his little girl down the aisle, the burst of laughter during the toast when everyone finds out something they may not have needed to know, the way the groom holds his new wife’s hand close to his heart when he pulls her close for their first dance, and the way she melts when he looks at her. I love being there for those moments; the ones that will bring you a lifetime of joyful memories.

What is your experience? I’ve been professionally capturing weddings since 2003. Mostly self taught, I've studied everything I could to help me learn the technical aspects of my work. I crave learning and finding new and creative ways of conveying what I see into images for clients to keep. I am consistently practicing and perfecting my craft. I maintain my equipment with the most up to date tools and resources available. Each wedding has its own personality, the character of the people, the families, the scene, the details, the laughter, the tears, etc. They are all unique to the couple and each event is an opportunity to really see that beauty and magic, and to help bring that up and to life through the images I capture. Combining a keen understanding of the technical aspects of photography with my artistic view of the world... I love what I do, and love being able to share my talents, skills, experience, and passion with my clients.

Do you travel? Yes!!! I love love love to travel for weddings! I have had the honor to photograph in areas such as Vegas, DC, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, and Tennessee. And, it doesn't necessarily have to be for weddings. It could be for your engagement or bridal session, or now you've added a new addition to your family and celebrating their arrival with newborn photos. I love that the couples I work with become lifelong friends and I get to see their family grow.